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The main types of molecular sieve pellets

KNTgroup company produces all main types of molecular sieve pellets.:
1. Spherical granules  (ball)
2. Cylindrical granules (extrudate)
3. Complex pellets forms :
3.1. The extrudate – tri-lobe
3.2. The extrudate – quadri-lobe (quatrefoil)

Features of standard pellets forms:
1. Spherical granules (the ball)
- Easy loading and unloading from the adsorber
- Excessive bed  mobility and as a result  high attrition of pellets
- High specific pressure  of pellets to each other at contact points
2. Extrudates (cylinder, tri-lobe, quadri-lobe)
- The minimum mobility of the adsorbed bed
- The ability to use the technology of  uniform  load
- Pellets minimal pressure on each other in contact along the generatrix
2.1 For the tri-lobe and quadri-lobe pellet-types:
- Greater availability of internal volume, high saturation limit of  pellets
- Diffusion of hydrocarbons through the adsorbent bed takes place easier, the pressure does not increase
- The dynamic capacity for removing a component (H2O, H2S, etc.) is higher for 15%  than that of other types of granules

The saturation limit  for different zeolite types.