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Adsorbent of sulphur compounds KNT-SR

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General use:

The adsorbent of sulfur compounds KNT-SR is designed for fine purification of gases from sulfur compounds by binding of sulfur with zinc oxide. Used mainly in the production of chemical products from natural gas and other hydrocarbons, as well as other processes for purification of gas flows from sulfur compounds, in particular in large aggregates of power-producing ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and maintenance.

Advantages of the adsorbent KNT-SR:
1. The high adsorption activity;
2. The high strength of the adsorbent allows it to boot to the adsorber without destruction of pellets;
3. High durability to abrasion, avoids the generation of dust, thereby reducing the risk of increased pressure drop in the adsorber.

Manufactured according to Technical Specifications 2165-018-94262278-2012.

- polypropylene big-bags, bags,metal drums.