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Сatalysts of hydrogenation processes

Sterlitamak Catalyst Plant has a great variety of hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts of new generation, produced with the help of advanced methods. Catalysts have a high catalytic activity and developed according to individual requirements of consumer.

We have our own research center, equipped with a wide range of analytical and research devices. It allows our specialists to control the quality of catalysts at all stages of producing, and, moreover, to develop actively this field.

Every batch of produced catalysts is subjected to stringent tests, including determination of broad range of physical and chemical parameters and testing of catalytic properties.

Catalytic properties of catalysts are defined in conditions, approximated maximally to conditions of catalyst operation on unit, for what it is designed. That is why we use a process development unit, which can work under pressure to 200 atm. The unit consists of feedstock supply center, high temperature furnace, in which reactor is placed with prepared catalyst, two separators – of high and low pressure and process control block. As feed there are used raw gasoline, diesel fuel, vacuum gas oil etc. Results, obtained during operation of process development unit, displayed that the process development unit perfectly imitates the real operating conditions of catalyst in comparison with results of real operating units.

All supplies of catalysts include appropriate technical service and support, such as: loading, unloading, sieving, activation, regeneration, passivation of catalysts, monitoring of unit operation at all stages of operation of catalytic system, providing of efficient recommendations for operation development of hydro-treating blocks, analysis of spent catalyst and so on.