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Research-and-Development Center

Our pride is the superb - equipped laboratory consisting of:
  • Electronic scanning microscope «Joel» is used to study the structure and the surface of the catalysts and adsorbents on the molecular level;
  • X-ray fluorescence  and atomic absorption spectrophotometers for  catalysts and adsorbents analyses;
  • Mercury porosimeter for measuring pores sizes ;
  • Specific surface analyzer ;
  • Analyzer of physical adsorption by method  of multipoint B.Е.Т., testing the pores distribution on radiuses ;
  • X-ray diffractometers «Siemens», «Rigaku» for  X-ray phase analysis;
  • Units for testing strength properties and attrition index of extrudates and balls ;
  • pilot and laboratory units for testing catalytic parameters in operation modes ;
  • Pilot adsorptive units for designing different gas compositions and for testing adsorbents parameters under pressure.
Photo Research Centre: