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Zeolites application

ProcessZeolite type
A. Deep dehydration of gas flows with synthetic zeolites
Natural  gas dehydration    Zeolite 4А (NaA-U)
Oil  gas  dehydration Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Dehydration of process air and instrument air Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Dehydration of reforming and cracking gas Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Dehydration of glass units Zeolite  3А (KA-U)
Dehydration of internal space of  package Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Dehydration of Pyrolysis in Ethylene production Zeolite  3А (KA-U)
B. Purification of gas flows with synthetic zeolites
Purification of natural gas from Sulfur compounds, carbon-dioxide gas and mercaptans Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX)
Purification of oil gas from Sulfur compounds, carbon-dioxide gas and mercaptans   Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and  13Х (NaX)
Air purification from carbon-dioxide gas before its separation into Oxygen and Nitrogen Zeolite 13Х (NаХ-К)
Oxygen production from air by short-cycle adsorption method Zeolites  5А (CaA-U)
and  13Х (NaX)
Purification and dehydration of sewage gas Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX)
Purification of waste recycling plant gases from toxic compounds dioxins Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX)
Purification of exhaust gases from Sulfur and Nitrogen , Radionuclides Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX)
Purification of  melting atmosphere and formation of shielding atmosphere in metallurgy Zeolites 5А (CaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX-K)
C. Deep dehydration of  liquid flows with synthetic zeolites
Dehydration and regeneration of insulating oil Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Dehydration and regeneration of  Freon-oil agents in cooler units Zeolite  4А (NаА-2КТ)
Filters for Dehydration and regeneration of  engine oil Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Filters for Dehydration of diesel and gasoline fuel, hydraulic system  of dump trucks Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Alcohol solutions concentration Zeolite  3А (KA-U)
Dehydration of organic liquids (kerosene, hexan, benzole, cyclohexane, metanol, ethanol, isopropanol and so on) Zeolite  3А (KA-U)
D. As molecular sieves  (separation of substances depending on molecular size) – separation of mix of hydrocarbons of different structure with zeolites
Extraction and purification of normal paraffin hydrocarbons ,which are the feed for production of detergents and  protein-vitamin components Zeolite  5А (CaA-U)
Separation of mix olefin and paraffin hydrocarbons Zeolite  5А (CaA-U)
Separation of aromatic hydrocarbon mix (mix of Xylenes and Ethylbenzole) Zeolite  13Х (NaX)
E. As a cation-exchange  (separation of the substances byion-exchange method) – softening of water from heavy metals cations and radionuclide absorption in nuclear-power engineering  
Purification of galvanic drains in machine building plants Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Radionuclides removal from liquid wastes in nuclear power systems Zeolites 4А (NaA-U)
and 13Х (NaX)
Softening of boiler  water Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
Softening of process water Zeolite  4А (NaA-U)
F. Application as a catalysts in chemical reactions
Cracking of  kerosene-gas-oil fractions Zeolite  Nа-U
Production of engine fuels from olefin-containing gases (high-octane gasolines and diesel fuel) Mordenite Pentasil
Conversion of Methanol to engine fuel Mordenite Pentasil
Cyclization of Propane and Butane  (makes possible to get naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons which are important petrochemical feed) Mordenite Pentasil
Afterburning of exhaust gases of cars up to  СО2 and Н2О Mordenite Pentasil